How does it work?

We’ve built a community platform that makes it easier for local government innovators to connect with each other and share new technologies, modern designs and better processes — all of which have the potential to transform how local governments operate.

💡Projects Wiki

Want to know what the most innovative local governments are doing to improve their communities? Search our user-generated library of innovation projects.

Easily share what you're working on.

Learn more about Projects

🔍 Product Directory

Learn about disruptive new tools and products used by the most innovative governments. We're crowdsourcing the most complete and up-to-date database of government technology (both proprietary and open-source solutions).

Search for solutions, compare alternatives and build your product stack.

🏛️ Sharing

Govlaunch catalogues local governments, the projects they're working on, the tools they're using and the people inside who are making government innovation happen. Visit a government's profile page to see what your peers are up to.

🏆 Stories

Govlaunch regularly publishes Stories about innovation we think is especially impressive. This is a way for us to feature some of the remarkable work being done by our community of government innovators.

We feature remarkable work being done by our community.

Start sharing...

It should be fun and easy to share your work with your peers and with your community. We built Projects to provide a flexible tool that lets you share what you're working the platform, on your public share page, on social media...etc.

🛠 Your Tools

Share what products and tools you're using via a custom Product Stack connected to your Government.

Search our product database or recommend new products.

Share all of the amazing things you and your team have accomplished and what innovative projects are in the works with a custom URL for public sharing.

🔗 Resources

Link various media types to build your "resource center." Open Data Portal, Planning Docs, etc. can be shared for easy access. Sharing is caring. 🤗

Safe & Secure

✅Single Sign-On – Single Sign-On via LinkedIn enabled to help protect the legitimacy of our community (more on this here).

🔐Content Gating Private projects and all private user data are content gated for site visitors and non-local government users.

What's Ahead...

As our community continues to grow, we're focused on ways to promote more sharing and help connect our users.

Here are just a few of the things we are working on…

🤝Groups The ability to form custom Groups outside of a government will soon be available so Code for America brigades, associations, State Municipal Leagues, etc. can get involved in Govlaunch.

💬Govlaunch Connect – You'll soon be able to post and answer questions in a more free form discussion utility with ability to join member discussions based off trending topics.

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If you’re a local government innovator and want to get involved and stay in the loop with Govlaunch news and feature releases, we’d love for you to join. 💙

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