Add Projects

How to share all of the amazing things you're doing with your peers and your constituents

Visit your Government profile page and click on "Create your first project."

After you name the project and provide a short description, you can then attach as much or as little information as you want, including:

  • 📰Relevant news articles related to the project

  • 🧰Any products or tools used

  • 🔗Links to relevant project resources

  • 🚦Add a status to track the progress of the project

  • 🤝Link other governments involved

  • 😄A unique project icon to add a little flare

Like this...

Click "Publish" and your project will post on your Government's profile page as well as on our Projects page for the Govlaunch community to see. It's as easy as that!

Want to share your project outside of Govlaunch? No problem 👍

Unselect the "Publish privately" option and your project can now be viewed by anyone who has the project's URL. You can even share your projects on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Other functionality includes...

  • ⬆️Upvote

  • 💌Comment

  • 📌Save

So let's get started by sharing the amazing work your team is doing to innovate in your community and inspire other local governments to lead in the ways you have!

Still have questions? Connect with us using the messenger on this page or contact us directly at [email protected].